Our Alarm Systems connected to the Monitoring Station enhance the security of the guarded area. In case of violation, threat or other emergency, specific signals notify immediately and directly the Download Center. Qualified personnel will assess the incident accurately and will act accordingly.

The connection to the Monitoring Station provides a broad range of monitoring services designed to secure and protect businesses and homes.

Patrol and Emergency Service

A service that can fully complete the security of your business or home is subscription to the Monitoring Station. To take a step further your  security you can subscribe also to Patrol and Emergency Service.

Patrols are conducted by equipped fleet and fully trained and qualified personnel according to the customer needs in order to avoid any malicious actions.

In case it is a violation act of the premises the Greek Police is been notified for extra control while the patrol will remain in place until they arrive, preventing further violation.

Emergency Service

In case of burglary, the procedure indicates to contact the Police, the owners and emergency contacts and immediately sends patrol vehicle having the exact information from the Monitoring Station of which part / area of the premise is violated

A similar procedure is followed in case of ambush (individual threat).