VoIP τηλεφωνία VoIPComm

VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) – VoIP Telephony is a new technology in communications which allows you to voice calls to fixed  or mobile networks anywhere in the world with minimal cost using only an Internet connection and the appropriate equipment .

The installation of a VoIP service in almost any type of business can be a powerful investment. A VoIP platform can have many advantages, mainly the reduction of telephony costs up to 70%, better speed performance and operation of communication both internally and externally.


More specifically, the advantages of a PBX-VoIP platform are:

        – Cost reduction up to 70% on communication expenses

        – Low cost of the necessary equipment

        – High-end Technology & Unlimited consolidated data communication, video and voice

        – Wide selection of communication devices and VoIP providers

        – Great flexibility to the user and the administrator with remote access control and management of communication

        – Broadband communication

        – Detailed reporting of all calls

The rapid and great growth of VoIP telephony is primarily due to the large difference in costs compared to conventional telephony, the flexibility offered and the ease of transition and implementation of VoIp platform. The VoIP technology we use is based upon the Asterisk and PBX platforms, which are evolving and constantly improving as rapidly VoIP telephony is getting more users throughout the world and has now been adopted by leading world-class companies.

Avatech Technology Solutions undertakes the supply and installation of VoIP telephone system equipment and the customization of the system according to the needs of your business communication.