Uninterruptible power supply

Avatech Technology Solutions undertakes the study, the design, the supply and the installation of uninterruptible power systems UPS.

We offer a variety of single-phase and three-phase UPS: line interactive, on line double conversion and modular. The power range starts from 650VA and reaches 4,8MVA.



UPS guarantees uninterrupted electricity. The equipment or electrical devices  connected to them are protected from fluctuations, spikes and bad network connection, while providing autonomy to a power outage.

Our product selection is based on quality, performance, reliability and modern design.




UPS συστήματα αδιάλειπτης παροχής

meta_systems UPS συστήματα αδιάλειπτης παροχής

UPS συστήματα αδιάλειπτης παροχής